Blog #1 : ‘The making of’

Would you like to find out more about my work and how it gets created?  Do you have any idea about what has to be done when you want to organise an exposition?

Well, you’ve come to the right place 🙂

The first subject I would like to talk about is the way my paintings come about, the making of…  I will use my “All Creatures” series as example, 2 large paintings (120x100cm) in oil and mixed media.

The making of : All Creatures I and II

I start by collecting pictures, color samples (paper/fabric), lace, ribbons, buttons and other accessories (pieces of wood, seashells, pearls…) which already put me in a certain mood.

This way, I already set out important lines as to how the painting will look like (composition), appearance and the color palette.


At this point, I simultaneously process ‘the painting’ – details – and ‘the overall image’ – the bigger picture.  I no longer focus on the examples I collected but I start to work more out of my inner self.  The painting now becomes more personal and intuitive and begins to turn into – what I like to call – one of ‘my figures’, ‘my world’.

This is also the time for me to distance myself from the work, physically and in time, one way or another, my paintings – and I – need this.  When I look back at the painting some time later, fresh and open minded again, I can see and define certain details that bothered me all along without actually noticing it at the time. This is the ‘finishing touch’, correcting the last details without, however, touching  the overall appearance of the painting which can too easily be spoiled in the end…

This is the way all my paintings come to life, very slowly, step by step…